As we all continue to deal with the challenges that come with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the health and safety of our customers and employees is our highest priority.
Given mandated containment efforts in many communities and for the safety of our employees, we have asked all our staff to work from home. Our network is fully capable of supporting a remote workforce. By adopting a robust work-from-home approach, we are able to maintain our service levels and be fully available to you our customer schools and families, while minimizing our employees' risk of exposure. Below please find our general email address to which you may address any questions. We also can be reached during our current business hours (8:30 am ET - 4:00 pm ET) at the following phone numbers:
617-773-0617      617-773-0613      617-773-0793
Don't let an unforeseen illness or accident prevent you from completing your education.

Every year thousands of college students are forced to withdraw from classes due to sickness or injury. The accompanying loss of tuition payments can undermine a family's educational budget.

Don't take a chance with your education. Protect yourself with the Tuition Refund Plan. 

For over 70 years the Dewar Tuition Refund Plan has allowed students to complete their education by providing families with refund payments when illnesses or injuries prevented them from completing a term.

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