Wellesley College



Payment due before student commences classes.

The cost covers Tuition, Student Activity Fee (Room and Board if applicable) and is set forth below:

Coverage Options:

Undergraduate - Spring 2019 term:
Continuing Education - Spring 2019 term:
$60.50One Course
$121.00Two Courses
$181.50Three Courses
$242.00Four Courses
$316.00C.E. Students residing on Campus

Custom Coverage Options:

  • Insure one semester at a time
  • Choose your own coverage amount *
  • Insure amount after scholarship/grants

Please enter the amount you wish to insure in the "Insured Amount"
field below and click "Calculate My Cost".

 Deadline to EnrollInsured AmountPremium 
All semesters are past registration deadlines.
Annual Insured Amount will be applied equally to each covered term.

If you do not register for subsequent terms your unused premium will be refunded.
Off-campus room, meals, or sorority charges cannot be insured.

*Coverage amounts cannot exceed your current year tuition and fees.