Wellesley College



Payment due before student commences classes.

The cost covers Tuition, Student Activity Fee (Room and Board if applicable) and is set forth below:

Coverage Options:

Undergraduate - Spring 2019 term:
Continuing Education - Spring 2019 term:
$60.50One Course
$121.00Two Courses
$181.50Three Courses
$242.00Four Courses
$316.00C.E. Students residing on Campus

Custom Coverage Options:

  • Insure one semester at a time
  • Choose your own coverage amount *
  • Insure amount after scholarship/grants

Please enter the amount you wish to insure in the "Insured Amount"
field below and click "Calculate My Cost".

 Deadline to EnrollInsured AmountPremium 
Spring term1/28/2019$$
Annual Insured Amount will be applied equally to each covered term.

If you do not register for subsequent terms your unused premium will be refunded.
Off-campus room, meals, or sorority charges cannot be insured.

*Coverage amounts cannot exceed your current year tuition and fees.