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July, 2016

Dear parents and students:

We are pleased to inform you of the availability of a Tuition Refund Insurance Program, offered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. Participants of the program will receive a partial refund of Smith College's comprehensive fees if a student has withdrawn from the College due to personal illness or accident.

The program offers two plans that complement and significantly extend Smith's current refund policy. The Annual Coverage Option is ideal for families who do not receive financial assistance. The Custom Coverage Option offers the freedom to build your own policy based upon the amount of coverage that is right for your family. This is a great option for families who receive financial aid, families without financial aid who do not want full coverage, or students who plan to enroll for only one semester. With either plan, you are assured a 70% refund of your insured term tuition and fees which the College would not refund if your student withdraws.

We are providing you with the opportunity to purchase this insurance in the hope that it may be of some assistance to you. We urge you to read the coverage section to learn about the terms, conditions and program options. If you wish to participate in the program online, you must submit the application by the first day of classes, September 8, 2016. Applications cannot be accepted after this date.

If you have any questions about the Tuition Refund Insurance Program, please contact John M. Strain at Dewar at 617-774-1555.

For more information, please click coverage.
For cost and enrollment form click application.

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