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Dear Goucher College Parents and Students,
A Goucher College education represents a substantial investment for you in both time and money. We are concerned for the student who might suffer a serious illness or accident and has to leave Goucher before the semester is completed, resulting in a loss of time and money devoted to education. To significantly reduce the cost of the tuition refund insurance, a new process will go into effect beginning with fall 2017.

All full-time undergraduate students will automatically be enrolled in the A.W.G. Dewar Tuition Refund Insurance Plan unless they complete the online waiver at: www.tuitionprotection.com/goucher by September 30, 2017. The charge for the Plan is $119 per semester (compared to $228 last year) and will be included on the initial fall bill, but removed if a waiver is completed online by the September 30th deadline. This online waiver process is both quick and easy.

As in years past, we are partnering with A.W.G. Dewar to administer the Tuition Refund Plan which complements and enhances Goucher Collegeís published tuition refund policy. The Plan covers 75% of the insured tuition, fees, and room charges, less any refund or credit due from Goucher for injury, sickness and mental health withdrawals. Participation in the Plan is voluntary and represents a contract between the student and A.W.G. Dewar.

The chart below illustrates how the Plan complements Goucherís refund schedule for Tuition and Mandatory Fees in the case of withdrawal due to medical or mental health reasons. The College Room refund policy is 100% through Week 1, then 0%. The Tuition Refund Plan would then refund 75% of the room charge for withdrawals after Week 1.

Week of Withdrawal:College's Tuition Refund Policy:
Tuition & Fees
The Tuition Refund Plan:
Tuition & Fees
Student Receives:
Week 1100%0%100%
Week 290%0%90%
Week 375%0%75%
Week 450%25%75%
Week 525%50%75%
After 5th Week0%75%75%

For more information about the Planís coverage details or to waive out of the Plan, please go to www.tuitionprotection.com/goucher. If you have questions, please email billing@goucher.com or call 410.337.6022.

The Plan is being made available by Goucher College solely as a service to students and parents. Goucher College does not receive any compensation for the Tuition Refund Plan enrollment.


Jeanne Strickler
Student Administrative Services

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