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Dear Reed College Students and Parents:
Given the substantial commitment that students and their families make to attend Reed College, we are concerned about the student who suffers a serious illness or accident and has to leave the College before the semester is completed. In many instances it means not only the loss of time invested in studies, but also the loss of the semesterís costs.

We are pleased to inform you of an optional insurance program, the Tuition Refund Plan, which helps minimize the financial portion of the loss. This is a private insurance program that is offered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. at a cost of 0.7% of the total direct costs.

For a student who is living in a residence hall and signed up for Board Plan B, the total direct costs would be $65,300, so the cost for the insurance would be $457.00. If you have a different board plan, or live in a campus apartment, the cost would reflect that difference.

This plan significantly extends and enhances the Collegeís published refund policy. Participants will be assured a 100% refund for withdrawals due to accident or illness and a 60% refund for withdrawals due to mental health conditions as defined in the plan.

We offer the Tuition Refund Plan as an option for students and parents, since it has proven to be an effective means of protecting parentsí investments in their childrenís education. We urge you to read the coverage section carefully to determine the planís suitability for your needs.

This is a low cost insurance plan that is highly recommended by the College for families with concerns about medical or mental health issues coming into play during the academic year. We strongly encourage families to look into this option to help when there might be a possibility of a student taking a medical leave during a semester.

If you wish to participate online, please submit your application and payment by the first day of classes, August 29, 2016. Applications cannot be accepted after that date.

If you have any questions about the Tuition Refund Plan, please contact A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. directly at (617) 774-1555.


Robert Tust
Associate Treasurer and Controller

For more information, please click coverage.
For cost and enrollment form click application.

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