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To Our Parents:
Once again, the College is pleased to endorse the Tuition Refund Plan (TRP). This plan, offered and administered by A.W.G. Dewar of Quincy, Massachusetts, helps protect your educational investment. When combined with the College's published refund policy, reimbursement totaling 100% of tuition, activity fee, room, and board charges billed by the College will be made if your son/daughter is forced to withdraw from school due to a personal illness or accident. In case of withdrawal due to a mental health condition, 60% of the above charges are covered.

This Plan significantly extends and enhances the College's published refund policy. You are assured of up to a 100% refund throughout the term even after the College's own refund policy has expired. This is especially beneficial when the student is forced to withdraw and then return for a later term. In effect, you will not have to pay to repeat lost education. The chart below illustrates how the TRP complements our own refund schedule for tuition charges.

If the Withdrawal Occurs DuringThe College RefundsThe TRP RefundsStudent Receives
First Two Weeks75%25%100%
Third, Fourth or Fifth Weeks50%50%100%
Sixth or Seventh Weeks25%75%100%
Balance of Semester0%100%100%

Note: For mental health withdrawals, the TRP pays 60% of costs insured.

We are providing the Tuition Refund Plan as an option for students and parents. It is an inexpensive form of protection, and we urge that you carefully read the coverage section and consider the advantages. It is vital that those who wish to participate online submit the application by the opening date of the fall semester. Online applications cannot be accepted after this date. If you have any questions about the Tuition Refund Plan, please contact A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. at (617) 774-1555.


Richard Huddleston

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