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American University Students and Parents:

All of us at American University, and especially those of us who advise students and their families, are concerned about students who suffer serious illness and accidents and have to leave the University before a semester is completed. Over 100 students each year withdraw unexpectedly from their courses for medical or mental health reasons. Recognizing the financial burden that an unexpected withdrawal can place on a student, the university has worked with Dewar Insurance Company for many years to offer tuition insurance. The Plan extends and enhances the University’s published refund policy. In cases of withdrawals due to accident, illness or mental health conditions as defined in the plan, the plan assures up to a 75% refund throughout the term.

This year, to streamline the enrollment process, full-time students (both undergraduate and graduate) will have the option of enrolling in the Tuition Refund Plan by checking an enrollment box when they login to the myAU portal. We have been successful in negotiating a more favorable premium for the plan, just $120 per semester, and students now have until the end of the second week of classes to enroll in the plan.

We are providing plan information for your careful review. Please read the coverage section carefully before making a decision. If you have declined the refund plan this year, but have changed your mind, please email

Part-time students and students enrolling in online courses are able to purchase the plan by contacting Dewar directly at 617-774-1555.


Robert D. Hradsky, Ed. D.
Assistant Vice President of Campus Life and Dean of Students

For more information, please click coverage.

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