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Dear Middlebury College Students, Parents, and Guardians:
The current level of higher education costs requires Middlebury students and their families to make a substantial financial commitment. We are concerned with enabling families to protect their financial investment in a Middlebury education, especially when a student must withdraw during a semester due to a serious illness or accident.

We are therefore pleased to advise you of an optional insurance program which extends Middlebury’s refund policy as published in the College’s Catalog. This program is known as the Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) and is offered to Middlebury families by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. TRP provides policyholders with a 100% refund of the College’s comprehensive fee and student activity fee for withdrawals due to a medical illness or accident, including mental health conditions, for which the student is hospitalized for two consecutive days. For medical withdrawals that do not result in student hospitalization, the TRP refunds 60% of insured fees.

The table below illustrates how TRP complements Middlebury’s refund policy for a withdrawal due to a medical illness or accident for which the student is hospitalized:

If the Withdrawal occurs during the:Middlebury refunds:TRP refunds:Total refund:
first week of term90%10%100%
second week of term50%50%100%
third week of term50%50%100%
fourth week of term25%75%100%
fifth week of term25%75%100%
sixth week of term25%75%100%
seventh week of term25%75%100%
balance of term0%100%100%

Note: For medical withdrawals in which the student is not hospitalized, 60% is the maximum benefit available.

The TRP 2021-2022 academic year premium is $845.00 for both Fall and Spring terms or $422.50 per term. If you wish to subscribe to this voluntary insurance program online, please submit the application and payment by September 13, 2021, the first day of Fall Term. Online applications cannot be accepted after that date. Please do not combine your TRP premium payment with any payment you make directly to Middlebury.


Michele L. Almeida

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